Tva Series Constant Torque Hydraulic Fluid Coupling

TVA Collection Continuous Torque CZPT Fluid Coupling


It is a hydraulic component of transmission of a type of power kind to the hydraulic coincidence equipment of square sort. Simply because its performance is higher, the construction is easy, can travel load to commence steadily , Enhance efficiency of starting, increase kinetic strength toughness, have shield function, can isolate sprain shaking and assault, The load of balanced each electrical machinery in many drives chain of electrical machinery, And decrease the effect electrical recent of the electrical netting, So utilized widely in some aspect, this sort of as mining machinery, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, meals, architecture, targeted traffic,etc…

The attribute and procedure theory:

There are YOX type and TVA type two sequence in limit hydraulic coincidence equipment of square variety in our factory makes, YOX sort is formed from initiative and passive areas mostly. The initiative kinds consist of complement, entrance fifty percent is connected with the axle, latter fifty percent is linked with the axle, elasticity block,pump wheels and outer protect. passive components Include the axle and turbine mostly The initiative link with former motives and some passive elements link with functioning machine.

The framework of TVA sort is the identical as YOX sort generally, but the airtight sample is adopted outside airtight, Have enhanced the composition of dismantling and placing.

The torsion of the original motive is transmitted by the occupation liquid in the coincidence device. Pump modify the kinetic energies into liquid mechanical energies . Turbine change the kinetic energy of the liquid into the mechanical energy. The axle drives load through exporting. There is not mechanical connection amongst the wheel of pump and turbine.

Our products variety:

+YOTCGP sequence Variable pace fluid coupling
+YOTCG series Variable velocity fluid coupling
+YOTCHP series Variable velocity fluid coupling
+YOTCHZ sequence Variable speed fluid coupling
+YOTCQ collection Variable velocity fluid coupling
+YOTCHF sequence Variable velocity fluid coupling
+Continual fluid coupling, this kind of YOX, TVA series.

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Mostly Cooperation CZPTer:

Uncooked material lawn, ore beneficiation, sinter plant and pellet, coke oven plant, iron producing plant, metal making plant.

Effective Projects Comments:

Observe: We also take the mend function projects, and give spare areas for variable speed fluid coupling. 
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Tva Series Constant Torque Hydraulic Fluid Coupling