Outlet Belt Conveyor Foldable, Easy Move Biomass Wood Chipping Crusher

Wooden chipper machine brief introduciton

The wood chipper machineis a particular tools of biomass energy power plant for fuel reserve. With the broadly uncooked content it can be crushed, these kinds of as all kinds of trees, undersized log, timber cutting residues such as branches, wooden processing residues (this kind of as slab, batten, log main, building templates and so on), Also some non-picket uncooked resources (such as waste of flax, reed, bamboo, maize straw, cotton stalk, etc.).

With the much more than ten a long time producer knowledge of wood drum chipper, According to the uncooked materials characteristics and biomass energy plant’s prerequisite for materials particle dimension, we design and style and create this collection device,and has the feature of widely raw substance adaptability, higher production potential, affordable framework, effortless procedure, safety and reliable, effortless routine maintenance and so on. It really is the most ideal biomass crusher equipment at existing in the world.


Scope: wood uncooked content: timber, processing residue (branches, batten, log main, building templates, roots squander veneer and so on.) particle board, fiber board.
Non-wood uncooked materials: sugarcane, reed, straw, etc.
Goal: particle board factory, large density fiberboard, stubble factory, biomass energy plant, wooden factory,wooden pellet manufacture.


Outlet Belt Conveyor Foldable, Easy Move Biomass Wood Chipping Crusher