Fully Automatic Low Level Depalletizer

CZPT technical specs&colon
1&periodName&colonDepalletizer &lparLow degree&rpar
two&periodModel&colonSSW-XPD200  Capacity&colon8&comma000-12&comma000bph
three&periodComposed of&colon
&lparFootprint drawing&rpar
3&period1 Major equipment
Principal equipment consists of&colonmain body&comma lifting properly and arm swinging sucker&period of time

3&period1&period1&time period Principal body pushed by chain and manufactured of carbon metal&comma secure composition&interval Lifting fork welded wholely&comma organization structure&interval The use of wheel and rail blended with motion&comma horizontal adjustable&time period Wheel of INA model&comma rail using 45&num steel surface area after warmth remedy produced by higher-frequency hardening&time period SEW motor in addition twin gear containers

three&period1&period2&period Lifting including bottle gripper&comma transition board and pallet infeed bottle protection system
Bottle gripper&comma transition board&comma pallet defense&comma inter layer gripper are mounted with the principal equipment&comma bottle gripper driven by timing belt driven by motor&comma pallet defense&comma inter layer gripper and transition board pushed by cylinder&period Principal device cart driven by the motor of main machine body and timing belt driven&time period The major machine cart wheel restrict managing in the rail of primary device column&time period
three&period1&period2&period1&time period Bottle gripper
SEW motor&commaVFD pushed&commadriven by timing belt&semi
Remaining and appropriate bottle gripping by cylinder&comma a single cylinder each facet&comma two rods&comma position adjustable
Front and back again bottle gripping by motor&commastroke managing by encoder&comma back gripping is hinge joint with overload safety
Pallet detecting unit by cylinder
INA wheel&comma45&num metal area soon after heat treatment method created by large-frequency hardening&interval
3&period3&period1&period2&period1&time period Transition board
Square pipe welded&commathicken nylon board&commadriven by cylinder&commawheel and information rail coordinating&semi
3&period1&period2&period1&time period Bottle defense device
It really is set up on the beam of the cart&comma pushed by cylinder&comma guide assistance&comma situation adjustable&comma nylon plate&period of time
Plate driven by cylinder&comma position degree adjustable&comma installed on back safety plate&period
three&period1&period3&interval Arm swinging sucker
It has 3 axes up and down&comma horizontal rotating and sucker rotating&time period It is a device of best layer&comma inter layer and pallet finding&interval
Up and down shifting pushed by VFD motor&comma encoder control&comma proximity change origin&comma limit by up and down limit switch&comma timing belt driven&period
Horizontal rotating driven by servo motor&comma to conquer the large torque difficulty of momentary commence and end&comma proximity switches origin&comma journey limit change&time period
Sucker controlled by a rotary servo motor&comma every single sucker has a different vacuum generator&time period
Sucker integrates a gadget of pallet finding&comma cylinder and manual coordinate functioning&period of time Gripper plate bending producing&period
three&period1&period3&period1&interval Sucker
3&period1&period4&interval Magazine
It involves inter layer gathering and pallet gathering&comma stainless metal guidebook&comma carbon metal square pipe base&comma sorted by all all around twelve small cylinders&interval Manual doorway with operate of automatic locking

three&period1&period5&interval Chain pallet conveyor
It has 1600mm normal chain pallet conveyor&comma 2400mm unbinding platform and rotating pallet&interval
&bullet        Utilizing 20B chain&comma steady transportation&comma no slipping&comma simple to sustain&time period
&bullet        Changeover chain&comma steady&interval
&bullet        SEW motor&commaCZPT and reverse rotation&comma full pallet and inter layers piled&comma an inverter after pallet stacker additional&time period
&bullet        Xihu (West Lake) Dis. adjustable&comma when two pallet dimensions changing&comma easy to change&period
&bullet        Width of pallet stacker adjustable&comma optimum 1200mm&interval
three&period1&period6&period Bottle discharge conveyor

CZPT employing stainless steel chain or table best chain&comma side plate made of stainless steel&comma chain wheel goes fifty-fifty&comma hassle-free to alter&interval
three&period1&period8&period Unbinding platform

Stainless steel information&commasquare pipe foundation&commadiamond plate anti-slip&time period System size 2200x1000mm&interval
three&period1&period9&period of time Forklift defense
Forklift protection with enlargement bolts in the basis&comma the front safety plate to shield chain&comma the back safety plate stops pallet from partial and slipping&period
4&period Functioning basic principle&colon
a&commaPallet in&commamain equipment cart goes down&commaframe of sucker goes down to detect pallet then suck the inter layer&time period
b&commaThe cart goes up to a specified top&comma the bottle gripper moves to best of bottle pallet&comma then the cart goes down to detect bottles&comma inter layer  gripper clamps next inter layer&comma shifting the bottles to transition board&comma the primary equipment cart goes down to the peak of bottle discharge conveyor then bottles are discharged&period of time
c&commaBottle pallet protection loose&comma repeat the earlier mentioned movement&period
d&commaWhen the pallet lowers than bottle discharge conveyor&comma primary equipment cart requirements to go up to discharge the bottles&time period
e&commaEmpty pallet out&commamain machine reset&commathen for up coming total pallet
 CZPT requirements&colon
 5&period1 Capability&colon8&comma000-12000bph
five&period2 Applicable bottle&colon6L &lpar152x158x355mm&rpar
 5&period3 Proportions&colon4950&ast2480mm&ast4230mm&lparL&astW&astH&rpar
Pallet size&colon1420x1120x130&lparL&astW&astH&rparand other standard dimension
 5&period4 Electricity provide&colon3P AC 380V&pm5&percnt&semi50Hz
Control voltage&colon 24V&periodDC
 5&period5 Compressed air&colon Doing work pressure   &period4&horbar0&period6Mpa Air consumption  110L&solmin
 5&period1&period6 Bodyweight&colon 4T
 5&period1&period7 Total energy&colon24KW
five&period1&period8 Noise&colon <85 dB
 5&period1&period9 Operator&colon 2 persons
6 CZPTal configuration&colon

Name Brand Region of origin Title Model Region of origin
Main generate SEW Germany PLC Siemens S7Series Germany
Sensor Sick Germany Pneumatic FESTO Germany
Inverter Danfoss Denmark Lower strain control Schneider France
Proximity switch Unwell Germany Sensor Sick Germany
Contact display Siemens


Fully Automatic Low Level Depalletizer