Fr80e Strong Power 3 Point Hitch Backhoe Escavator

FR80E sturdy energy 3 level hitch backhoe escavator

Operating Bodyweight
Bucket Capability (m3)
Rated Power (kW/rpm)

CZPT Parameters
Outer dimensions (L x W x H) 6100x2275x2650mm
excess weight 7800KG
Dipper potential .28m³-.32m³
Max engine energy forty four.4KW/2100rmp
Diesel engine 4TNV98ZCVFNC
Max torque 237N.M/1400rpm
Host method Max flow charge 160L
Max working oil strain 28Mpa
Max pilot program stress 3.9Mpa
Climbing capability 35°
Travelling pace four.3km/h
Max feed power 61KN
Revolving velocity eleven.5r/min
Rotary torque 15KN.M
Movable arm 3708mm
Diesel quantity 160L
OILL Oil-Amount 7L
Bucket arm 1650mm
Arm Digging Force 38KN
Bucket digging pressure 56KN
Max digging top 7150mm
Max  Dumping Height 5030mm
Max digging depth  4050mm
Max vertical digging depth 3670mm
Greatest depth of horizontal reducing 8 ‘ 3565mm
Max Digging Radius 6335mm
Max floor Digging Radius 6190mm
Minimum rotary Radius 1770mm
Dozer blade lifting peak 295mm
Dozer blade descent height 375mm

Brief Introduction for FR80E Excavator

LUDV load sensitive management program is adopted to make the output power of main pump fairly match with the operating load.
one. High power engine
The first yangma motor satisfies the requirements of China’s 3rd-stage emission standards. The mixture of fuel system and electronic handle operate guarantees the best use of every single fall of oil and provides the ideal electricity for the complete motor.

2. LUDV load delicate control technique is adopted
LUDV load delicate control program is adopted to fairly match the output electrical power of the major pump with the working load, offering good handling and strong operation functionality below heavy working conditions.

3. Advanced technology, remarkable equipment functionality
Via the motor, the main pump, the main valve of the optimum matching, the total control performance significantly enhanced
Boost inside passage of main valve, thicken pipeline diameter, optimize pipeline path, reduce hydraulic decline along the way, lessen vitality reduction of hydraulic program by 4.8%, and enhance operation efficiency by eight%.

Much more strength conserving
· the device has automated idle function to stay away from gasoline waste.

Much better coordination
· elongated management handle, easier and softer to operate
· LOVOL exclusive main handle valve main, micro management is a lot more accurate.

Extremely-high adaptability
· adapt to diverse operations in the temperature range of -40ºC ~40ºC
Functioning circumstances
· cooperate with crushing device to satisfy distinct crushing functions
· limit climbing Angle is 35°.
The continuously strengthened working gadget and construction make the merchandise much more strong and tough.
Core components
·Depending on  LOVOL Japan engineering center’s research and development method establishes reliable partnership with internationally renowned enterprises, continuously optimizes and increases the high quality and services existence of elements, and gives precedence to engine, pump, valve, motor, oil cylinder and controller.

Important structural element
· more optimized structural design, anxiety testing, welding approach and plate analysis
Comprehensively increase the existence of essential structural elements
· all structural parts have been strengthened by means of CAE finite component investigation.
And made by specialist structural elements companies
· the front and back again supports of the moving arm are of solid steel construction, and the aspect of the center assistance is increased Strong board.

Functioning gadget
· optimize the composition of the functioning gadget to lessen electrical power decline throughout perform
· the base protecting plate of the bucket is created of wear-resistant material to enhance the longevity and stamina of the bucket
· the bucket capacity is 10% bigger than similar types in the industry, with the very same digging velocity
It truly is much more efficient.

The chassis composition
· increase the diameter of tensioning spring to efficiently lessen the influence of observe
· a lug boss is additional in the middle of the chain wheel to efficiently avert observe derailment.

Larger productivity, decrease overall operating costs.
Tremendous digging power
On the basis of guaranteeing the static excavation power, it is fully commited to the study and advancement of dynamic excavation force. In the case of huge resistance in the excavation method, the program will instantly detect the pressure and instantly change the output stress, so as to make certain the sturdy mining result in the approach of dynamic excavation.
Increased productiveness
With the newest technological innovation and hydraulic system, the time-tested original yangma motor performs nicely the two in terms of fuel intake for every hour and materials use for each ton.
Higher total responsiveness
By way of the optimization of motor, principal pump and major valve, the output energy of the primary pump is more fairly matched with the load, and the effectiveness and responsiveness of the hydraulic program are significantly improved.

Plentiful operating products
· numerous operating gadgets ideal for numerous operating situations
· optimized bucket profile design effectively improves the efficiency of materials loading and unloading.

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Fr80e Strong Power 3 Point Hitch Backhoe Escavator