Double Hinge Straight Running Plastic Flat Top Chains

The plastic flat top chains constitute a lightweight yet a strong and silent alternative to steel chains. Plastic flat top chains are made of engineering plastic and are connected using stainless steel pins. These chains are primarily used in the food and packaging industry for conveying many kinds of containers.

Hinge pin types

It is an essential component of the flat top chain plate system. It supports and connects the chain plates and ensures smooth and highly efficient conveying, whether in straight running or side flex running. It has different types for your choice.
The hinge pins can be divided into single and double hinge pins according to different widths and detailed requirements of customers and equipment.

  • Single hinge pin. A single hinge pin design with a simple structure and lighter Weight is suitable for short-width chain plates and fair-duty loading products.
  • Double hinge pin. The double hinge pin design is suitable for large span chain plates for higher stability and loading capacity.

(1) Lf821 Double Hinge Straight Running Chain

Product Specifications

Chain No.
宽度 Width ( W ) 重量 Weight
mm inch kg/m lbs/ft
LF821 – K750 190.5 7.50 2.74 1.84
LF821 – K1000 254.0 10.00 3.21 2.16
LF821 – K1200 304.8 12.00 3.42 2.30

Mainly used for all kinds of the food industry, such as beverage, bottle, can, and other conveyors.
The longest distance: 12M
Max. speed: lubricant 90M/min
dryness 60M/min
Working load: 3000N
Pin material: austenitic stainless steel
Plate material: POM acetal
(Temperature: -40 ~ 90℃)
Packing: 10 feet = 3.048 M/box 26pcs/M

Applications of Plastic Flat Top Chains

Plastic flat top chains have a wide range of applications. Details are as follows:

  • Cheese production.
  • Pharmaceutical packing.
  • Food industry.
  • Soft drinks industry.
  • Beer production.
  • Glass bottling filling.
  • Wire industry.

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