Battery Cage for Poultry Farm for Chicken

Battery cage for poultry farm for chicken

It is developed for open or near breeder house with handbook mating procedure. The woman breeder geared up by automated feeding and ingesting program, egg selection technique and weather manage program ( if close residence) the male rooster feed manually simply because the male breeders usually require distinct feed as the feminine chickens.

  • Feminine and male breeders in different cage, simple to management handbook mating and betterinsemination.
  • Effortless to collect eggs and minimize egg breakage fee, and maintain highly cleanliness.
  • Better ventilation.
  • two birds per mobile. a lot more convenient to perform ar tificial insemination. adequate space for moving.
  • There must be distinct dimension of the cage because of distinct breeders, and the OEM dimension cages are CZPT for us.

AUCZPTTIC Drinking & FEEDING Technique

  • This female cage can be equipped with computerized feeding method, both  the  automatic feeding hoppers and  chains are optional by farmers. The female birds is normally three tiers which is straightforward to observe and make the insemination and prevention operation.
  • The male breeder is bigger and the cage height is 500mm, thus the different cage size with the female breeder cages. The male chicken cage system usually is manual feeding with the automatic drinking system, easy to control.

AUCZPTTIC EGG Selection Program

Egg assortment belts(created in Italy) and egg belt hooks. The equipment can be from 2 tier to four tier.
Egg creation of breeder was reported to be a lot more than individuals kept in deep litter technique.
Computerized egg selection technique of layer cage system, and 3 tiers are preferable by farmer.
Also it can be joined with the egg conveyors which can transfer the breeding eggs to the egg storage area.

The variety of manure removing equipment is developed for A body cage programs which has manure belts below the cages.
The manure dropping from the cages on to the manure belts, and the machines with scraper can collect the manure to
transverse manure conveyors and then shipped to the outdoors of the chicken residence.
This method is well-liked design in China industry and other
international locations who want to increase a lot more chicken on the flooring with cages.

There have to be different or particular dimension of the cage since of distinct breeders, and the OEM dimension cages are CZPT from us.

SOME Installation Project OF CZPT

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one. Q: What kind of items do you have?
    A: We offer all types of tools for hen farms, such as Rooster Cages, Automated Drinking and Feeding Technique, Automated Egg-selection Method, Computerized Manure Removing Program, Temperature  Controlling Method, and so on.

two. Q: How several days will you produce the goods if I place the buy?
    A: Relies upon on the amount you request, in 7 working times or 30 working days.

3Q: How to set up the cages when I get them?
    A: If you want set up the cage yourself, we will supply the Set up Manual.
        If you require the specialist engineer, we will send out our engineer who can talk English Fluently.

4. Q: Can you offer you free of charge sample?
   A: Indeed, we can supply totally free sample against the cusotmer pay out for the freight price.


Battery Cage for Poultry Farm for Chicken