2ton Hoist with Hook --

10Ton CZPT Chain CZPT with CZPT Trolley
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10ton hoist, 10ton motorized hoist,10ton electric chain hoist  , 10ton wire rope hoist.

CZPT motor partial outer protect Higher energy aluminum shell by way of compression casting formation. 
Functions: Strong and light, Rapidly release warmth, Constant use, Enclosed framework. Can be used in the chemical plants, electroplating factories, and other spots. 
Facet magnetic braking device This masterly construction make certain the hoist absolutly safety when the power off. And makes certain it is safe   when has extra load. Also it mix to the motor braking as the double brake method to reinforce protection and toughness.
Gear The gear manufactured of alloy metal and by means of the heat remedy
Features:reprocessing helps make it substantial precision.
Antiphase protector Rewards : When electrical power-source wiring blunder, the control circuit is not able to move to protect motor from becoming burned. 
Hooks They are created by scorching forging and heat remedy. 
Positive aspects:meets the requires on strength and hardness,sturdy and sturdy,not simple to break and dress in.360 levels rotation and security guarantee the procedure protection.
Chain Higher quality :It is produced of Japanese FEC80 ultra robust heat therapy alloy steel. 
CZPT grade:CZPT Chinese G80 ultra robust heat treatment alloy steel chain.
Advantages: It is safely about when employed in the rain h2o, the sea drinking water, under the chemical and other undesirable problems.
Emergency stop switch Attribute:stop there hoist in unexpected emergency. If pushed,the electricity supply will be minimize off and button locked instantly.
Insulation quality: F
Defense class  hoist :IP54,or IP 55push button:IP65

one.For Quality:ELK CZPT Chain CZPTs have High grade /Middle grade/Low grade Quality   Allocation
We can produce any kinds hoists by meeting your market demands 

2. For Price : Anytime our prices must be equal to our 0.5ton hoist quality value 
3.For Safety: Strict Control ,all ELK products are enough safety guarantee after 20 years   experience designing and professional testing 
4.For Innovation :Always keep research and update hoists and motors and cranes to be newest mature most advanced technology
5.For Speeds: ELK CZPTs could be Single Speed,CZPT Speeds,Or Frequency Inverter
6.For Protector : We offer outside Overload Protector–Thermal Protector–Slipping Clutch.
7.For Products Production Scope : Our factory could offer professional high quality —
001–CZPT Chain CZPTs-.5T–60Ton
002–CZPT Wire Rope CZPT-.5Ton–30Ton
003Crane Geared Motor with Buffer 0.25Kw–three.75Kw
004–Overhead Bridge Crane-.5Ton–35Ton
005Attachments :Chain Blocks/Lifting Chains/Pallet Trucks/Shackles/Chain Slings/Safety Belts etc.

2ton Hoist with Hook --